In the woodlands on the northeast side of Cobble Hill rests the Dolly Family
Lodge, an Adirondack Vacation Rental. The lodge overlooks the Pleasant Valley of
Elizabethtown, where mountain views open in the distance and Lake Champlain
peeks through, with the Green Mountains of Vermont as its backdrop in the

This Arts & Crafts style home, built in the great camp era, is the right size for any
gathering, a vacation retreat, business conference,
Adirondack wedding,  birthday
party or an old fashion family reunion. Stay a day, a weekend or a week in  the
(taken from top of Cobble Hill)
A gazebo in the flower garden and a playhouse by the ferns.
During the 30's E.E. Towne, a counsel for the Humble Oil
Company, of Texas bought the "Terry Cottage" .

Later in the 40's the world renown violinist and teacher,
Louis Persinger purchased the property. He gave
concerts in Town and taught his students at the lodge.

In the 50's the lodge was sold to Herbert Thomas,  whom
owned most of the lodges on Cobble Hill during that time
and the camps were known as "The Balsams".

Herbert Thomas later sold this camp to Norris and Mary
Dolly in the early 60's. Norris and his wife had six
children, many grandchildren and great grandchildren
Dolly Family Lodge
Elizabethtown, New York

Hear the laughter through the walls,
up the staircase,
                    and down the hall...
Your own Great Camp,
if only for a little while...
In 1904 and 1905 Seth
Sprague Terry, a New York
City Attorney, came to the
Adirondacks and had this   
"cottage" built for his family's
summer vacationing.

Mr. Terry owned the camp for
25 years and the lodge was
then known as "Terry Cottage".

Dolly Family Lodge has always been known for its warm, hospitable gatherings
of old and new friends alike.
Adirondack Wedding,